1. You may use whatever handicapping method you wish and may change during the contest.  However, you are expected to use your own selections whether derived by your own computer program or pen.  If determined your selections were purchased elsewhere, you may be disqualified.

2.  There is no entry fee to participate, only a commitment to compete throughout the contest period.   The winner is entitled to bragging rights and to have a donation made to the standardbred rescue of their choice by the contest sponsors from a list of designated rescues.  The rescue will be selected prior to the contest beginning and may not change.  Each handicapper will select a different rescue with the selection by handicappers to be made on a first come, first served basis.  In the event there are more competitors than approved rescues, a second person may select the same rescue as someone else once all rescues have at least one supporter.

3.  Prize fund.  The prize fund will come from donations by  sponsors.  There are three levels of sponsorship.   Gold level sponsors have committed to divide their donations between the rescues selected by the top three winners with 50% going to the first place finisher's rescue; 35% to the second place finisher's rescue and 15% to the third place finisher's rescue. Silver and Bronze sponsors have the option to make their donation to the  winning handicapper's selected rescue or may decide to make a donation to a local standardbred rescue of their choice in honor of the winning handicapper.   In special circumstances, a gold level sponsor may make application to designate their entire donation to a specific standardbred rescue in honor of the contest winner.

Should there be any Canadian sponsor, their donation will be made to the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society or a local standardbred rescue of their choice in the name of winning handicapper.

All payments of prize funds will be made directly by the sponsors.  Under no circumstances will any prize monies be paid out to winning handicappers.  HANA Harness can not take responsibility for the sponsors failing to make payment.

4.  It will be the responsibility of the handicapper to obtain handicapping materials such as programs at their own expense.

5.  Races being used in this contest are races on the Grand Circuit.  Only finals or races which are divided into separate divisions will be used.  Consolation races contested on the same day will be available for wagering provided the handicapper has wagered a total of $150 or more on final races.  In the event of same day eliminations, such as the Little Brown Jug or Hambletonian, elimination races will be handicapped, not the finals.  Grand Circuit races being conducted at venues without pari-mutuel wagering are excluded.

6.  In the event divisions of a race carried over to another day due to the number of divisions required, only those divisions contested on the stated contest date are eligible for contest wagering.  Divisions contested on the other days are disregarded.

7.  Any stakes race cancelled or declared a non-wagering event will be disregarded for purposes of this contest.  If practical, a race rescheduled to another day will be included in the competition.

8.  Any horse barred from wagering will be disregarded for wagering purposes.

9.  The contest winner will be the individual with the highest net profit at the end of the contest.  The net profit/loss will be calculated after all stakes races on a particular day are contested.

10.  For each contest day, a handicapper will be given a fictional $250 to wager.  A handicapper must wager between $!50-$250 each day with at least $150 wagered on races listed as finals, including races contested in divisions.  As long as $150 is wagered (before scratches), the handicapper is under no obligation to wager on additional contest races that day.  However, i
f more than five different stakes races (multiple divisions count as one stakes race) are contested on a single day, the total amount available for wagering will be $400 instead of $250. (effective June 1, 2014).

11.  In the case of a race where same day consolations are raced, a handicapper may wager on the consolation races provided $150 or more has been wagered on finals.  If $150 is not wagered on finals, consolation races are not available for wagering..

12.  The only wagers which you may use in your handicapping are Win, Place, Show, Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta, and Pentafecta as long as the wager is available for the particular race in question. No multi-race wagers or parlays will be accepted.  The minimum amount to be wagered for Win, Place, and Show wagers is $2.00.  Track minimums will apply for all other wagers.  Any wager made in an invalid amount will be considered the same as a lost ticket.    Please note in Pennsylvania, you must conform to state law where each ticket’s total minimum must be equal to $2.00 (i.e., the total amount bet on a particular wager type must total at least $2).

13.  There is a five wager limit per race.  If more than one race is played during a day, there will be a limit of ten wagers per day (regardless of the number of races in the day played); a wager consisting of a box, key, or wheel are considered one wager provided the same base amount is played.  For purposes of straight wagers (Win, Place, Show) a combination wager of WPS, WS, WP, PS, etc. will be considered as one wager if submitted on one line and for the same amount.  If more than five different stakes races (multiple divisions count as one stakes race) are contested on a day, the total number of wagers accepted for the day will be limited to thirteen wagers (effective June 1, 2014). 

14.  Additional limits are you may not exceed wagering on more than three horses to win.

15.  It is the handicapper's responsibility to know what type of wagers are being offered per race.  A wager on a type not offered in a race will be considered a forfeit of the wager, the full amount being lost.  If a wager type is cancelled for the race due to a scratch after the program is printed, this rule will not apply.  Effective with the September 6 card, this rule will no longer apply and is replaced with the following:.  A wager into a cancelled pool will be refunded unless the player elects to take part in 'automatic upgrading'.  If a straight pool is cancelled
 (early or late), players have a universal option of having their wagers ‘upgraded’.  A wager into a cancelled show pool gets converted into a place wager; a wager into a cancelled place pool gets converted into a win wager; a show wager into a cancelled show pool with the place pool also cancelled gets converted into a win wager.  Exotic wagers cancelled will be refunded regardless of the player's election. 

16.  If you do not wager $150 for a particular contest day, the amount not wagered up to the first $150 will be considered as having made a losing wager.  The only exception to this will be when a wager is no longer valid due to a scratch.

17.  Selections must be made with wagering numbers. Names will not be accepted.

18.  Important Coupled Entry/Field Information:  A handicapper may specify a wager on a coupled entry remains live only if a specific horse races or as long as one horse in the entry races.  By specifying 'Entry' after the horse number, you indicate you wish your wager on the entry to remain live as long as one horse in the entry starts.  If you specify a specific horse (i.e., #1, 1A, 1B, or 1C), you indicate you wish the wager to remain live as long as that horse starts.  If that horse is scratched, the part of the ticket involving the entry will be refunded.  Other than determining if a wager remains live in the event of a scratch, the wager will be treated as a regular wager on an entry as long as your designated horse is declared a starter regardless of finish.

 If a wager is still valid despite the refund on the entry, the balance of the ticket remains live.

19.  Selections are to be submitted by 5:00pm ET the day before race day.  In special circumstances, arrangements may be made to permit selections to be submitted no later than 12:01am Eastern time the day of the race.  Selections provided after the deadline will be considered as not being made, resulting in a deduction of $200 from the handicapper’s net profit.

20.  Each handicapper will be given five grace days where the failure to submit selections will not result in the deduction of $200 per day.  These grace days will be used consecutively; a handicapper may not choose which days they wish to avoid or take the penalty.

21.  USTA posted prices will be used for calculating fictional pay-offs.  For Canadian events, Standardbred Canada's posted prices will be used.  Effective September 1, 2014:  In the event the fictional pay-off is equal or greater than the gross pool, the payoff will be capped at the gross pool minus a 15% takeout.  The base wager will be adjusted to the nearest dime to reflect the calculated payoff.  
If more than one player has the winning combination, the payoff will be as if each one had the only winning ticket.  If the reduction in wager amount results in the total amount wagered being less than the $150 minimum, no penalty will be assessed.

22.  In the event of a Superfecta and/or Pentafecta with a carry-over provision which is not hit by an actual gambler but one or more of the contestants had a winning ticket with all the four or five positions covered by the correct horses in the official order of finish, the payoff will be calculated by dividing the gross amount of money wagered in that race's pool (excluding any carry-over) between the contestants with a 'winning' ticket (no takeout will be taken).  
If there is no carryover feature, the successful handicapper(s) will divide the wager’s gross pool without takeout.  In either case, they will not be paid the mutual for a partial winning ticket.         

23.  A contest week runs from Monday thru Sunday.  Any errors in the recording of wagers or calculations of individual payoffs must be reported no later than 11:59pm on the Monday following the contest week.  For example, any errors for the week of Monday, June 17 through Sunday, June 23 must be reported by 11:59PM on Monday, June 24.    If the last stakes race of the contest falls on a day other than Friday, Saturday, or Sunday any the deadline for reporting errors will be 48 hours after the last race in the contest  Results posted prior to the deadline are deemed preliminary and will be marked accordingly.  Once the results are marked official after the deadline, the results for the preceding week will be deemed final and may not be changed.

24.  In the event of any ties, the player with the fewest grace days taken will be the winner.  If the number of grace days are the same, the individual with the highest net profit (or least net loss) on the final contest day will be considered a winner.  If those involved in the tie did the same on the last day, the previous day will be used until a winner is determined.

25.  Any situations not covered by the above rules or disputes will be ruled on by HANA Harness.  Their decision shall be final.  By participating in this contest, contestants agree the decisions made by HANA Harness are final and may not be appealed to outside bodies.

Handling of Errors in Wagers Made 

E1 - If too many wagers are made by the contestant, the last wager submitted by the player will be the first wager dropped (starting with the last race on the program).  As many wagers needed to be dropped to get to the maximum number of wagers limit will be removed.  The money which becomes free will not be wagered and will be subtracted from the net profit for the gambler as the funds non-wagered will not be redistributed.

      Example: Wagers Submitted

     Wager 1 -  $50 Exacta Box 5-7  $100 
     Wager 2 -  $100 Win #5              $100
     Wager 3 -10 ......
    Wager 11 -  $50 Win #7               $50
      (considered as 11 wagers)
      The last wager is $50 Win #7 (assuming there was a ten wager limit).  This bet will be removed and the $50 will be considered not wagered and forfeited.

E2 - If the amount wagered on all the races wagered exceeds the $250 limit, wagers will be dropped in the order listed as in E1 to get down to the $250 limit.  If dropping a wager puts the person under the $250 limit, that amount will be considered not wagered as the non-wagered amount will not be distributed to the remaining wagers.  

      Example: Wagers Submitted

      $25 Exacta Box 1,2,3   $150
      $160 Win #1                $160
      ($310 wagered, $60 over limit)

      The $160 Win wager will be dropped resulting in $100 non-wagered,  That money will not be considered wagered and forfeited.