Monday, September 14, 2015

Battle of the Techno-cappers in HANA Harness Grand Circuit Challenge

September 13, 2015 – It was a tight finish this week as the two admitted techno-cappers battled all the way to the 14th race at Scioto Down in the 2015 HANA Harness Grand Circuit Handicapping Challenge presented by the Bellino Stables, DRF Harness, Hambletonian Society, Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment, Northfield Park, Tioga Downs, and Vernon Downs.

Earl “Super Computer” Paulson collected 166 HANA Grand Circuit points by selecting 4 winners on the evening.  The key to Earl’s victory was landing the largest priced winner.  He was the only one to successfully come up with Doo Wop Hanover to upset in the Jim Ewart Memorial at Scioto.  In second was Rusty “The Worksheet” Nash who also selected four winners including the second best price of the evening on Nvestment Bluechip in the Champlain two year old pace at Mohawk.

Four other handicappers finished with four of six winners for the evening.  While Saratoga Harness had a triple dead heat Saturday evening, the HANA Grand Circuit had a double dead heat.  Tied for third were Mark McKelvie and Bobby Zanakis at 143 points.  Tied for the final spot on our weekly Pentafecta ticket were Bryan Owen and tour leader Sally Hinckley at 124 points.

It is also worth noting that four handicappers hit the board in all six races.  These consistent players were Ray Garnett, Derick Giwner, Rusty Nash and Brandon Valvo.

The top five in the overall Grand Circuit Tour remain exactly the same this week.  Sally Hinckley remains on top with 2,918 points.  She was able to maintain an impressive lead of more than 300 points.  Mark McKelvie did gain a little bit of ground and still remains the “Best Of The Rest.”  Anne Stepien,  Bob Zanakis and Gordon Waterstone complete the black type.

Standings as of September 12, 2015 - Leg 37
Total Points Points Earned Overall Position
Pos Handicapper Prior Week This Week Total Points Last Week Points Back
1st Sally Hinckley 2,858.30 124.50 2,982.80 1st
2nd Mark McKelvie 2,454.40 143.70 2,598.10 2nd 384.7
3rd Anne Stepien 2,409.40 31.50 2,440.90 3rd 541.9
4th Bob Zanakis 2,210.60 143.70 2,354.30 4th 628.5
5th Gordon Waterstone 2,148.20 70.20 2,218.40 5th 764.4
6th Earl Paulson 1,992.50 166.20 2,158.70 7th 824.1
7th Dennis O'Hara  2,036.80 31.50 2,068.30 6th 914.5
8th Rusty Nash 1,789.50 149.10 1,938.60 10th 1,044.2
9th Bryan Owen 1,804.90 124.50 1,929.40 8th 1,053.4
10th Josi Verlingieri 1,798.60 62.30 1,860.90 9th 1,121.9
11th Michael Carter  1,667.10 26.10 1,693.20 11th 1,289.6
12th Garnet Barnsdale 1,625.50 26.10 1,651.60 12th 1,331.2
13th Ray Garnett 1,611.70 33.20 1,644.90 13th 1,337.9
14th Derick Giwner 1,557.00 47.00 1,604.00 15th 1,378.8
15th Mark Dezii 1,583.70 13.90 1,597.60 14th 1,385.2
16th Jay Hochstetler  1,479.90 37.10 1,517.00 16th 1,465.8
17th Brandon Valvo 1,200.10 34.70 1,234.80 17th 1,748.0
18th Ray Cotolo 1,064.30 59.70 1,124.00 18th 1,858.8
19th Mark Deutsch 702.50 49.30 751.80 19th 2,231.0

Next week we break up the week starting with the Nadia Lobell from The Meadows on Wednesday.  Then we visit Mohawk again on Saturday for an exceptional evening of five finals.  They are The Peaceful Way, The Maple Leaf Trot, The William Wellwood, The Canadian Trot Classic and The Elegant Image.  Finally on Monday we head back down the Atlantic Coast to Harrington Raceway for the Bobby Quillen.  It gets busy shortly thereafter as Little Brown Jug week gets rolling!