Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Grand Circuit Handicapping Challenge Seeks Sponsors

Plans are underway for the 2016 Hambletonian Society Grand Circuit Handicapping Challenge being run by HANA Harness.  As such, HANA Harness is seeking financial sponsorship from various facets of the standardbred industry to build up the prize fund which goes to standardbred rescues.  Whether a racetrack, horseman association, breeder, racing stable, or a supplier to the industry, HANA Harness welcomes your participation.

The Grand Circuit Handicapping Challenge's goal is to promote the Grand Circuit as well as support standardbred rescues.  All funds pledged to the competition are donated to the standardbred rescues chosen by the handicappers.  Canadian sponsors will be given the right to donate 2016 funds to the standardbred rescues of their choice in honor of the winning handicapper.  Since the contest began, over $12,000 has been donated to standardbred rescues.

Sponsorship levels are available from $500 to as low as $100 with various benefits.  If interested in additional information, contact allan@hanaweb.org