Monday, February 19, 2018

2018 HANA Harness Handicapping Challenge on Hiatus

After some serious contemplation, the decision has been made to cancel the 2018 HANA Harness Handicapping Challenge.  While the contest has been successful in raising more than $33,000 for standardbred rescues over the past six years, the time has come to put the contest on hiatus.

This decision does not come lightly.  The funds our sponsors pledge to standardbred rescues are sorely needed.  However, the lack of a contest this year should not dissuade donations to standardbred rescues.

We would like to thank Adam Friedland, Aqua Flow, LLC., DRF Harness, Eldorado Gaming/Scioto Downs, Green Acquisition Corporation, Hoosier Park, Northfield Park, and Red Shores Charlottetown & Summerside for having pledged funding for this year’s edition of the contest prior to the decision to cancel as well as our other sponsors.  Should you decide to donate to a standardbred rescue this year and are unsure of which one(s) to consider, you can always check the list of rescues we have included in the contest last year or contact your local horsemen group, Standardbred Canada, or the United States Trotting Association for suggestions.